Do You Tip A Car Wash Service And How Much?

Do You Tip A Car Wash Service And How Much

How much are you supposed to tip a car wash service, if any? We’ve crafted the ultimate guide, where we’ve included automatic and manual car washes.

What Does SAE Stand For In Motor Oil?

What Does SAE Stand For In Motor Oil

You most likely have seen the SAE viscosity grade in motor oils, but what does SAE mean? We’ll explain what SAE means and why viscosity is important.

How To Remove Scratches From A Windshield

removing scratches from windshield

Removing scratches from your car doesn’t have to be hard. It’s actually pretty easy! Here is a simple guide on how to remove scratches from a windshield.

What Is Frame Damage On A Car?

car with dented side

Frame damage (also known as structural damage) is when your vehicle’s structural integrity is compromised. Here’s how you can tell if your car has it.

How To Improve Your Gas Mileage

how to improve gas mileage

You can save TONS of money by improving the gas mileage of your vehicle using these super simple methods. We’ll guarantee you can do some of them at least.

High Oil Pressure – Main Causes and Treatment

high oil pressure

If you get the dreaded high oil pressure reading in your dashboard, it is time to fix it before it gets worse. Here are the main causes & treatment options.

How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild An Engine?

mechanic repairing or rebuilding engine

An engine rebuild is a less costly alternative to an engine replacement. Here are the signs that you need your engine rebuilt and the estimated cost.

Symptoms Of A Bad Or Clogged Fuel Filter

auto fuel filter

Everybody loves a good car that starts and runs smoothly. But what if one day you find your car not functioning properly with its check engine light coming on or its engine misfiring? Chances are you have a bad or clogged filter.

Most Reliable Car Brands (2023 Rankings)

Most Reliable Car Brands

If you’re buying a car, you should buy one from a reliable car brand. Here’s the most up-to-date list of the most reliable car brands according to people.

How To Remove Window Tint From Your Car

how to remove window tint from car

If you got window tint on your car and you want to get rid of it, then here’s the ultimate guide on how to remove window tint from your car.