Transmission Repair And Cost

transmission repair and cost

A transmission repair usually costs you between $1200 to $5000. Learn what you can expect to pay to fix your transmission, whether it’s manual or automatic.

Most Reliable Car Brands (2023 Rankings)

Most Reliable Car Brands

If you’re buying a car, you should buy one from a reliable car brand. Here’s the most up-to-date list of the most reliable car brands according to people.

What Happens If You Mix Premium And Regular Gas?

What Happens If You Mix Premium And Regular Gas

Can you gas grades such as 87 gas, 91 gas, or 93 gas? What about premium gas and regular gas? Here’s everything you need to know about mixing gas grades.

How To Buy A Car With No Title

how to buy a car with no title

Buying a car with no title doesn’t need to be a hassle. A car’s title is the formal declaration of ownership so you must know these things before buying.

Can You Hide Your Car To Avoid Repossession?

Can You Hide Your Car To Avoid Repossession

You might consider hiding your car from the repo man, but can you do that? Here is a simple answer to “Can you hide your car to avoid repossession?”

Bad Transmission Signs And Symptoms

bad transmission signs and symptoms

If your car’s transmission is in trouble or in bad condition, you’ll need to fix it as soon as possible. Here are the most common signs and symptoms to look out for.

Rear Differential Replacement And Cost

rear differential replacement and cost

The repair cost and replacement process for a new rear differential vary greatly, but a general rule of thumb can be applied. Here’s an up-to-date guide.

Car Dent Repair And Cost

PDR paintless dent repair or paintless dent removal

Everyone loves a gorgeous, scratch-free car. But sometimes your car hits or gets hit. We’ll talk about car dents, car dent repair, and the dent repair cost.

Which Gas Stations Have The Best Quality Gas?

gas station

Pumping your car with gas at just any gas station can be dangerous. Find out what’s Top Tier Gasoline standard so you won’t regret it.

Long Bed vs. Short Bed – Which Is Best?

Long Bed vs Short Bed Which Is Best

Wondering if you should get a long or short bed? Here’s the ultimate guide to help you pick the perfect bed length for you.

15 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

car maintenance tips

Keep your car’s resale value as high as possible with these simple, actionable tips on how to maintenance your car properly.

Why Do My New Brakes Squeal?

Why Do My New Brakes Squeal

If you’re tired of hearing your brakes squeal, then see this guide on why your new brakes are squealing and how you can fix it.