The Best Car Air Fresheners (2022 Reviews)

Get rid of that foul smell in your car and make your car smell really nice. Here is a buying guide showcasing the best car air fresheners right now.

You may have come across various air fresheners in your friends’ or family members’ cars.

But do you know which car air freshener is the ideal and best choice for you?

When you begin to notice a nasty smell in your car, you can take various courses of action. It is a good idea to start by tidying your vehicle, and you may be surprised that the foul smell source could simply be an old food wrapper.

However, if you have just been dealing with a strange smell, deeply integrated cigarette smoke, or a foul-smelling dog, an air freshener is your best solution.

After many hours of research and testing, we have come up with a list of the absolute best car air fresheners available right now.

Let’s kick the list off with the first product!

The Pros:

  • Chemical-free
  • Environmental-friendly

The Cons:

  • None

If you are looking for the best health-friendly car air freshener, PURGGO manufacturers have outdone themselves and provided drivers with the world’s longest-lasting air freshener.

The PURGGO car air freshener can serve you for more than 365 days without having to get any pricey refills. With the use of bamboo and hemp, the PURGGO car air freshener is made off of some of the most renewable natural resources.

The bamboo charcoal naturally absorbs odor leaving you in a fresh atmosphere. The PURGGO car air freshener creates a safe environment for kids, pets, and people with allergies.

Besides having excellent odor-removing features, the PURGGO has a sleek, neat design that will not only complement the interior of your car but also freshen up the air of your environment.

All in all, this is one the best air fresheners for cars at the moment.

The Pros:

  • It can hang freely
  • Provides a long-lasting scent

The Cons:

  • None

The best budget-friendly car air freshener you can get is Little Trees, Black Ice. It is an unbelievably flexible and efficient product from Little Trees, a renowned air freshener manufacturer.

It is a lightweight air freshener made from unique ingredients to emit an exquisite fragrance. You can simply hang it freely anywhere inside your car and experience its long-lasting effectiveness.

Want to know the best part about Little Trees, Black Ice? They can last a long time when used correctly. Instead of tearing the entire package, simply tear the package’s top and pull the tree out gradually. This way, it can serve you for up to 7 weeks.

Little Trees, Black Ice, is perfect for the car enthusiast looking for a dull-colored air freshener for their car, as this freshener is pure black, except for the Little Trees logo, meaning that it will fit perfectly into most car interiors.

The Pros:

  • Adjustable wheel control
  • Provides a continuous fragrance

The Cons:

  • None

The Febreeze Vent Clips comes from one of the best air freshener manufacturers: Febreeze. As far as size is concerned, the Febreze Vent Clips is a powerful freshener for odors trapped in your car vents.

When you have long days commuting in your vehicle, nasty smells tend to build up in small spaces such as the vents. This air freshener contains remarkable odor eliminators and blockers that get rid of all those terrible smells.

The great part is that to use it, you simply push the vent clip to activate fragrance and enjoy a pleasantly smelling drive for 30 days. However, this depends on how you want the scent to be released.

The only downside to Febreeze Vent clips is that they may not fit all car vents. It is, therefore, good to have a rough idea of your vents’ size before buying the air fresheners.

As for the looks and ease of use, the Febreeze is small, making it perfect to not only keep out of sight but is also ideal if you prefer not to have a car air freshener hanging from your rear-view mirror. Finally, it comes with visibly clear or blue fluids depending on your choice of scent, either ‘Paradise’ or ‘Fresh.’

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Other Good Car Air Fresheners

We have also included some good additional car air fresheners for those people with unique tastes and likes. During our research, we came across other car air fresheners that are a bit budget-friendly.

The following are other air fresheners you may also consider using in your car:

The Pros:

  • Environmental-friendly

The Cons:

  • It is not very effective in cold weather

Moving on, here is another freely hanging air freshener from the distinguished manufacturer, Yankee Candle. When you choose the Yankee Candle Car Jar, you get to pick between three flavors – Vanilla Cupcake, Black Cherry, and Home Sweet Home.

The Yankee Candle Car Jar helps get rid of unpleasant odors in your car. With this air freshener, you can enjoy your road trips and frequent errands. It gets even better; you can enjoy whichever fragrance you choose for up to 4 weeks.

As for the looks of this car air freshener, you receive, as the name of the air freshener suggests, a little jar of sweet-smelling freshener. This air freshener comes in yellow, dark red, and red and is especially suitable for females with an extravagant taste in car accessories.

The Pros:

  • Produces a unique leather smell
  • It does not contain enzymes

The Cons:

  • Too much can soak your car

Have you previously had to sit in a funky-smelling car? Worry no more because the TriNova Premium is one of the top-rated car air fresheners from TriNova.

You may have experienced a car air freshener that gives you an eye-watering potency. The TriNova Premium is a pressurized spray that produces a staggering scent that can either be too intense or not.

The intensity will depend on how much you want to apply since you use a spray. With this bottle tucked carefully in your car, you can drive off to work and perform your errands in confidence.

The TriNova air freshener comes in a convenient size so that you can easily put it out of sight in your glovebox or the storage area on the side of your doors.

The Pros:

  • Its fragrance covers the entire car
  • Brings back the ‘new car’ smell to your vehicle

The Cons:

  • To use it, the car needs to be unoccupied

Finally, we have the Meguiar G16402, an advanced re-fresher air car freshener manufactured by Meguiar. It acts as an odor eliminator when its fresh mist moves around your ventilation system. You can achieve its maximum effect with your car’s fan on high.

Here is the best part. This air freshener penetrates every part of your car, including the ventilation system and other hard-to-reach areas.

The Meguiar G16402 has three fragrances for you to choose from: new car scent, sparkling berry, and spiced wood.

How To Pick The Best Air Freshener For Your Car

Stylish air freshener clip attached to car ventilation

Most people get confused when buying a car air freshener. Below are the various types of air fresheners you need to consider to make the right choice:

Sticky Gel Fresheners

Gels that contain oils are becoming a popular genre of air fresheners. The sticky oil gels can be placed anywhere on the dry surface of your car.

Vent Sticks

These are sticky objects that can be attached to oil vents using a clip. They are most efficient whenever your car AC is on. A good example is the Febreze Vent Clips.

Hanging Cardboard Air Fresheners

This type of air freshener is common in most cars today. They are easy to use where you simply hang them on your rearview mirror. Examples are the Yankee Candle Car Jar and Little Trees.


Aerosols are pressurized sprays in cans that need to be sprayed regularly. Some people prefer them because you can easily regulate the intensity of fragrance you want in your car. The TriNova Premium is an excellent example of an aerosol.

Conclusion: The Best Car Air Freshener

Finding the best car air freshener can be tedious since not every solution is ideal for everyone. If you are looking for an affordable and yet effective car air freshener, Little Trees is your best solution.

If you are looking for a long-lasting solution, the PURGGO air car freshener can last longer than 365 days. It may be a tad expensive, but it is the most health-friendly car air freshener. However, it is essential to note that it only eliminates nasty smells but provides no fragrance.

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