The Best Mini Bikes (2021 Reviews)

On the hunt for a new mini bike for you or someone you care about? We did all the research and identified the best mini bikes of all time.

It is hard to find something that is not cool and fun about mini bikes. They are a blast to ride regardless of age.

As the popularity of minibikes has been on the rise for recent years, with new technology evolving with greater performance and efficiency, it might be hard to keep up with the vast supply of mini bikes.

We have extensively gone through an immense amount of mini bikes in order to present the best, most efficient, and most priceworthy mini bikes, so you do not have to.

The Pros:

  • Great suspension
  • Convenient
  • Powerful battery
  • Puncture resistant tires

The Cons:

  • Heavy

One of the biggest manufacturers, Rad Power Bikes, offers the RadMini 4 – a compact and sturdy electric mini bike.

The RadMini4 comes with a 750W brushless geared hub motor, producing 80Nm of torque. The motor provides excellent assistance, making an uphill battle a thing of the past.

RadMini4 is equipped with 20-inch wheels with two 3.3-inch Kenda K-Shield fat tires. The ride is comfortable regardless of the surface you are driving on.

The suspension absorbs potholes and rough terrain very well. The tires are also puncture-resistant, which is a big plus as you do not have to worry about being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Regarding the front fork suspension, if you do not prefer the “bouncy” feeling when riding on flat surfaces, you can easily adjust the fork suspension by locking it.

At first sight, the RadMini4 gives the impression of a convenient bike – and it really is.

It can be easily folded and fit in the trunk of your car or a small storage compartment in your garage.

When you are on the move, you can charge your phone with the USB charging port. The battery pack also powers both the lights, which have great brightness.

A lot of gadgets and accessories are available for the bike such as front racks, mirrors, baskets, and more in the Rad Power Bikes shop.

The headlight projects a bright beam that directly enlightens your path while a secondary LED ring, lightens the surroundings.

The backlight also offers excellent illumination with a blinking mode as well as a braking mode.

Rad Power Bikes have not compromised with the safety of the RadMini 4. The lights mark your presence very well during nighttime. Additionally, the tires are equipped with reflective sidewalls.

The primary folding hinge is well designed and robust, preventing accidental unlatching. Taking everything into consideration, the mini bike has a very robust feeling.

As a trade-off, the robust construction and all the features add up to the weight – a whole 68 pounds.

The battery might be a bit harder to take out compared to other electric bikes, but it is nothing too complicated. At most, you would need to adjust the seat in order to take out the battery.

If you are already in the Rad Power Bikes ecosystem and own another bike of the brand, you can use the batteries interchangeably between their models.

The Samsung battery has 672-watt hours, enabling you to travel 25-45 miles on one charge. A full charge takes about 6 hours.

The Pros:

  • Great off-road capabilities
  • FTR750 inspired
  • Good build quality

The Cons:

  • 12+ hours charging time
  • Small for ages >12

The eFTR Jr is the “junior” version of the legendary FTR750 motorcycle from the same manufacturer.

This mini bike is based on the razor SX/MX500, however the eFTR Jr offer some extras such as a significantly better battery capacity as well as different riding modes.

It is designed for younger family members from the age of 8 and up to 175 pounds. The bike is powered by an electric motor which in turn is powered by a rechargeable battery.

The lead-acid battery takes 12 hours to charge, which gives a ride time of up to 140 minutes.

The mini bike features two modes: high-speed mode and low-speed mode. When the high-speed mode is engaged, the bike can go up to 15 mph, while the low-speed mode can go up to 10 mph.

The bike drives very well and handles any type of terrain efficiently. The steel construction is stable and gives off a sense of quality, just like the rest of the components.

While marketed as intended for kids at age 8 and up, the reality is that most kids riding this bike will be around the age of 8-12, as it is relatively small.  

The eFTR Jr is designed for off-road use only with the styling inspired by the Indian FTR750. This is the perfect bike for young bikers who perhaps look up to their parents’ Indian motorcycle.

The Pros:

  • Very fun to drive
  • Practical
  • Low maintenance
  • Cheap

The Cons:

  • Fixed handlebars

The Coleman Powersports CT100U mini bike is a very robust, fun, and exciting bike.

It is the first mini bike on our list that is not electrically powered. Instead, the CT100U is powered by a 98cc gas-powered engine, producing 3hp.

Almost every negative critique about this mini bike is that the package may be damaged by the time the package gets delivered to you. However, customer support seems to have handled these cases superbly.

The CT100U is incredibly durable as it is made with a sturdy metal frame. It is easy to assemble the bike and get it in the open within an hour after receiving it,

After sipping about 1/3 of a gallon of gas, you can ride this bike for about 3 joyful hours. It must be noted that this bike is fun for both kids and adults.

The size makes it appropriate for kids and adults. They fit kids the age of 8-12 better, but it is enjoyable riding these even as an adult.

Coleman recommends this mini bike to be driven by people aged 13 and above.

It is worth mentioning that the handlebars are mixed and cannot be adjusted. That means that it might feel a little bit tight if you happen to have longer arms.

Even though it is gas-powered, it does not take much to keep up with the maintenance. Gas and oil are more or less the only two things you have to pay attention to.

It uses standard unleaded 87+ octane gas for powering the engine, while the recommended oil type is 10W-30 or 10W-40.

Would you need any spare parts, there are plenty available on the internet.  

The Coleman CT100U drives incredibly easy and comfortably. It also has a clearance of 6 inches and a load capacity of 150 pounds, making it a mini workhorse if needed.

If you are in need of a greater load capacity, or a stronger bike in general, the Coleman CT200U offers just that.

It is very similar to the CT100U, except that it is powered by a 196cc engine, producing 6.5 horsepowers.

The Pros:

  • Kawasaki quality
  • Comfortable
  • ABS
  • Easy to drive

The Cons:

  • Lack of extra equipment

The well-known motorcycle brand Kawasaki does not only offer one of the fastest motorcycles on market, but they also offer the entry-level Z125 PRO.

The Z125 PRO is the most expensive mini bike on the list, but it is also the closest to a full-size motorcycle.

Kawasaki does not jeopardize their reputation for building motorcycles of high quality, which includes the Z125 PRO.

It is powered by a four-stroke engine that uses direct fuel injection, producing maximum power of 15HP at 10.000 rpm.

Not only does it come with fancy fuel injection, but it is also equipped with an ABS system, providing a safer driving experience.

For its size, it is lightweight and nimble, providing a comfortable ride. The single rear shock may be pre-load adjusted, while the suspension forks in the front cannot.

Even with a sporty profile, the bike rides very well, absorbing potholes and speed humps easily.

The Z215 is well suited for first-time bikers and it is the biggest bike on this list.

The maintenance cost is reasonable and as of today, the bike has been proven to be very reliable. The engine is based on the older Kawasaki Ninja 250SL, which has stood the test of time very well in terms of reliability.

Even though Z215 belongs in Kawasaki’s cheaper model range, the bike is and feels very well built.

When it comes to the user experience, it is eminent that the bike is made for the driving experience.

For example, the LCD screen is very basic in comparison to the competition at this price range, and no special gadgets are offered.

A gear indicator can be bought separately, which would come in handy in case you are a novice rider.

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Indian eFTR Jr electric bike

All the mini bikes listed are phenomenal bikes. However, they all excel at different segments, some of which are more attractive than others, depending on the driver.

Below are the best bikes listed in accordance with the profile of the potential driver and the intended use for the mini bike.

If you are looking for the most all-around, practical, and sturdy mini bike, the RadMini 4 is the perfect mini bike for you!

It comes with a powerful battery, robust design, and great suspension. This mini bike rides on off-roads as well as it rides on perfectly straight asphalt.

With all that taken into consideration, the RadMini 4 is the best all-around mini bike currently on the market.

 If you are looking to exclusively take the mini bike off-roading, the Indian eFTR Jr is the mini bike for just that!

It is intended for kids aged 8-12. If you happen to be a parent that wants to share your passion for off-roading with your kid, this is definitely the bike to go with.

The Coleman CT100U is the perfect mini bike for all ages and is incredibly fun while also able to be practical if needed.

If you are on a budget, this mini bike is the best. It is also very universal in terms of age group and can be used as a modern workhorse or just as an exciting and fun ride.

The best mini bike for beginners, looking to eventually upgrading to bigger sports bikes in the future, is the Kawasaki Z125 PRO.

The bike provides a great and forgiving driving experience which is perfect for the novice driver. It is also perfect for the person who wants a nimble, quality-built bike as a daily driver.

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