Headlight Cover Replacement Cost

Headlight Cover Replacement Cost

Are your headlights covers turning bad? In this article, you will find everything you need to know about headlight cover replacement.

Powder Coating Wheels: Pros And Cons

Powder Coating Wheels Pros And Cons

Should you powder coat your wheels? What are the benefits and disadvantages of powder coating wheels? Here’s a short guide to help you decide.

Key Stuck In Ignition? Here’s How You Fix It

hand plugs in key, trying to start car engine

If your car key gets stuck in the ignition, you may still be able to plug it out most of the times. But if it doesn’t come out easily this time, don’t try to force it, or else something worse will happen. Read on to know what to do in such a situation.

What Is A Hydrolocked Engine And How Do You Fix It?

hydrolocked engine

Do you know what a hydrolocked engine is? Here we will answer that question as well as talk you through what causes an engine to hydrolock, whether hydrolocking harms an engine, and how to fix a hydrolocked engine.

FWD vs AWD – Which Is Best For You?

FWD vs AWD Which Is Best For You

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of FWD (front-wheel drive) and AWD (all-wheel drive) vehicles? Which is best for you? Find out in this guide.

Brake Pad And Rotor Replacement Cost

Brake Pad And Rotor Replacement Cost

It’s only natural that brake pads and rotors will wear down. Here is what you can expect to pay for a brake pad and rotor replacement.

Alternator Repair And Cost

alternator repair cost

How much does it cost to repair or service your alternator? Of course, it depends on the type of car that you have, but there is a rule of thumb.

Why Is My Car Overheating?

man opens hood of overheating car while dog sits in car

What are the symptoms of an overheating car and what are the common reasons why cars overheat? This guide has all the answers you need.

Why Is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air? How To Fix

Car AC Blowing Hot Air

Your car AC may be blowing hot air for several different reasons. Here’s a simple guide that will help you fix the problem as soon as possible.

How To Remove Tree Sap From Your Car

man wiping car

Tree sap that falls on your car and dries can be difficult to remove and can cause damage to the car. Find out how to remove it properly from your car before it’s too late!

15 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

car maintenance tips

Keep your car’s resale value as high as possible with these simple, actionable tips on how to maintenance your car properly.

How To Get Rid Of Mold In Your Car

Remove mold from car

If you have mold in your car, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Here’s a simple guide with proven methods on how to remove mold from your car.

Drive Shaft Replacement And Repair Cost

Drive Shaft Replacement And Repair Cost

The repair cost or replacement for a new drive shaft differs, but a general rule of thumb can be applied! Here’s an up-to-date guide for a better overview.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix AC In A Car?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix AC In A Car

Do you have issues with your car AC? How much does it cost to fix the AC in a car? It depends on many things so here is the ultimate guide.

Blown Head Gasket Repair And Cost

Blown Head Gasket Repair And Cost

Has there been a leak in the head gasket? This is often referred to as a blown head gasket. Here is what you need to pay for a blown head gasket repair.