Does A Car A/C Use Gas?

Does A Car AC Use Gas

Does using a car A/C (air conditioning) waste gas? How much gas does running the A/C use and should you leave the A/C on or off? Here’s a guide.

Can You Mix Antifreeze?

Can You Mix Antifreeze

What happens if you mix antifreeze or engine coolant? Here’s a super simple guide so you understand the consequences and what you need to do if you mix it.

Where Are Subarus Made?

Where Are Subarus Made

Where exactly are Subarus made these days? Are they made in USA or Japan? Here’s the ultimate guide to Subaru’s manufacturing plants.

Worst Tire Brands To Avoid Buying

Worst Tire Brands To Avoid Buying

If you’re looking for new tires, then don’t get tires from any of the tire manufacturers on this list. This is the definitive list of the worst tire brands.