Car Stalls At Idle: Why Does A Car Die While Idling In Park?

opening the hood of a broken car

Do you hate it when your car stalls when stopped? Here’s a super simple guide on what to do when a car stalls at idle and why it does it.

Seized Or Locked Engine? Here’s How You Fix It

man calling mechanic after car breakdown

Is your car’s engine suddenly seized or locked? A completely seized engine is very rare, so it can definitely be fixed. Here’s how you fix a seized engine.

Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Regulator

Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator

A bad fuel pressure regulator has nine common symptoms. Find out what they are and what your options are to have a faulty regulator fixed.

What Happens When The Electronic Throttle Control Goes Bad?

throttle body

When your electronic throttle control goes bad, it puts your engine’s performance and your personal safety at risk. Here are the signs to watch out for and what you can do to fix the issue.

How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild An Engine?

mechanic repairing or rebuilding engine

An engine rebuild is a less costly alternative to an engine replacement. Here are the signs that you need your engine rebuilt and the estimated cost.

What Size Battery Do I Need? Car Battery Group Size Explained

mechanic changing car battery

Replacing your car battery isn’t as simple as getting one that looks the same. Car batteries come in different types and sizes. Here we provide a very clear explanation.

Car Clicks But Won’t Start? Here’s The Fix

Car Clicks But Won't Start

Does your car make a clicking sound but won’t start for some reason? What are the causes and how can you fix it? Here’s the ultimate guide.

Key Stuck In Ignition? Here’s How You Fix It

hand plugs in key, trying to start car engine

If your car key gets stuck in the ignition, you may still be able to plug it out most of the times. But if it doesn’t come out easily this time, don’t try to force it, or else something worse will happen. Read on to know what to do in such a situation.

What Is A Hydrolocked Engine And How Do You Fix It?

hydrolocked engine

Do you know what a hydrolocked engine is? Here we will answer that question as well as talk you through what causes an engine to hydrolock, whether hydrolocking harms an engine, and how to fix a hydrolocked engine.

How To Tell If Your Master Cylinder Needs Replacing

man checking car brake master cylinder

In recent years, over 20% of car accidents were caused by brake issues. Find out if you have a bad brake master cylinder and replace it immediately.

Auto Repair Labor Rate Per Hour

Auto Repair Labor Rate Per Hour

What is the average auto repair labor rate per hour in the United States? Here’s the ultimate guide so you know exactly how much you can expect to pay.

Does Your Car Make A Ticking Noise When Accelerating? Here’s The Fix

Does Your Car Make A Ticking Noise When Accelerating

If you car make a ticking noise when accelerating? Don’t worry, this guide helps you identify the problem and explains how to fix it.

Does Your Car Crank But Won’t Start? Here’s The Fix

Does Your Car Crank But Won't Start

Does your car turn over or crank but won’t start for some reason? Here’s the ultimate guide to help you identify and fix this common problem.