Car Sealant vs. Wax – Which Is Best?

Car sealant and car wax both achieve the same thing on your car, but they are a lot different after all. Which is best for you? Find out in this guide.

Driving a clean, shining car does not only make you extra good-looking driving it, but it also increases the longevity of the car and its paintwork.

The paint of a car consists of different layers which include primer, base coat, and clear coat. The latter of these three protect the paint job and gives it a shiny look.

Now, if you have decided to give your car an extra nice treatment you should definitely wash it and apply a car sealant or wax.

Both car sealant and wax give an extra layer of protection to the paintwork, taking your car to the extra level, regardless of age.

Preparing for the lovely spa treatment for your car, you may wonder if you should use a car sealant or wax.

The answer depends on a few things, but most importantly it depends on the type of finish you would like on your car and how often you like to spoil your car with a special treatment.

There are other considerations that should be taken into account, and we will mention each of every one of them in this article.

Further down, we will go through each of these products individually and then list the differences and similarities between wax and sealant.

Let’s get into it!

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What Is Wax?

car wax

When talking about car wax, there is one type that is more commonly mentioned than others – Carnauba Wax.

Carnauba wax naturally grows on the palms in northern Brazil. The reason why this wax is so popular and deemed superior by car enthusiasts is due to the glow and finish it provides.

Not only is carnauba wax used exclusively as car wax, but it is also used for shoe polish, food, and even candy. If you ever saw a car that looked extra appetizing, now you know the reason.

Car wax is often seen as a natural option to protect your car’s paintwork. While it stands that a big percentage of it is from natural sources, there are also a good amount of synthetic ingredients.

This does not play a big role as the natural carnauba wax leaves off a very characteristic finish while the synthetic components prolong the shiny and protective effect.

Carnauba wax is not the only wax used. Beeswax, found in honeycombs, provide an extra resistant barrier and is often mixed with carnauba wax.

There are also other types of waxes such as petroleum-based paraffin wax or hardened carnauba wax called montan wax.

As carnauba wax is the best and most famous one for car detailing, we will strictly focus on it.

Application Of Wax

car wax application

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as just buying a good carnauba wax and applying it to the car.

When applying wax, there are mainly three different ways to do it depending on the type of wax. These include:

  • Paste wax
  • Liquid wax
  • Spray wax

All the abovementioned types have their advantages and disadvantages, but they all provide a nice shine and protection to the car paint.

Paste Wax

The first thing that pops into people’s minds when they hear wax is paste wax. It is the most expensive option of the three types and usually gives the best results.

Paste wax generally has the highest percentage of carnauba wax, making the results remarkable if applied correctly.

Liquid Wax

The greatest advantage with liquid wax is that it is very durable, but it may be hard to master applying it correctly.

It goes without saying that it is not difficult to apply once you get the hang of it, but it may take a few tries until you get it.

Spray Wax

Spray wax was previously considered inferior to paste wax and liquid wax. As the technology and formulas have advanced, you will not be disappointed using spray wax.

It is the easiest to apply out of the three, but it won’t last as long. Spray wax is a great option if you want a quick but relatively effective layer of wax on your car.

Car Sealant

car sealant

Let’s hold the wax talk for the moment and talk about its rival. Is car sealant better than wax? The short answer is it depends.

Unlike wax, car sealant is fully synthetic. Believe it or not but the engineers and lab technicians have made great progress in making car sealants, providing a much more durable protective layer.

Because of its properties, many prefer car sealant over wax but there is a catch.

Even though car sealants have improved greatly over the years, it will not provide the same glow as car wax will.

This does not have to be a disadvantage as many people prefer the finish of a car sealant, especially for black, white, and metallic gray cars.

Wax Or Sealant?

car wax or car sealant

To conclude, it all comes down to personal preference. If you are looking for a high gloss finish, car wax is the way to go.

Wax generally lasts for weeks while sealant lasts for months. This is an important factor as it means that you will spend less time but still have a great-looking car.

Many car enthusiasts enjoy applying wax to their car regularly, but if you prefer to just get done with it, car sealant is the right choice for you.

You may also leave all the worries to the professionals by taking it to a detailer, this, of course come with a higher price.

Both car sealant and wax are easy to apply. It may be daunting to try it at first, but you will get the hang of it relatively fast, just believe in yourself.

Pricewise, both car sealant, and car wax are within the same range. If possible, do not cheap out on a good quality sealant or wax as good quality products give the best results.

Regardless of your choice, your car will thank you in some way or another as it will look better and be protected from harsh environmental debris that may potentially scratch your car.

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