How Much Does A Ceramic Coating Cost?

Applying ceramic coating on your car will make the paintwork easier to maintain. How much does ceramic coating cost though? Here's the answer.

Ceramic coating offers exceptional protection to your car’s paintwork that lasts for years if properly treated.

A well-applied ceramic coating extends the lifespan of the paintwork and makes your car easier to maintain and achieve a clean and fresh look.

However, there is a big reason why many people opt out for ceramic coating – the price.

A lot of things affect the price of a ceramic coating such as the state of the paintwork, the size of your car, and the type of ceramic coating.

We have previously touched upon car wax and car sealant which also offer protection but for a much shorter period and a much cheaper price.

When it comes to applying a ceramic coating on your car, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $3000.

The cost may be both above and below the range depending on factors that we will touch upon in this guide.

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What Determines The Cost?

ceramic coating

The material used for a ceramic coating is only a relatively small fraction of the total cost.

Instead, the biggest cost comes down to the labor rate, as the process of applying a ceramic coating is very time-consuming.

This is also the reason why the price differs greatly between cars.

When applying a ceramic coating, you essentially put a layer of protection above the current state of the paintwork.

Because of that, the paintwork must be in pristine condition.

If your car is brand new or has recently been repainted, it will be much easier (and cheaper) to get the paint to a pristine condition than a car that has been poorly maintained.

Preparing a car for ceramic coating include many steps including:

  • Prewash
  • Hand wash
  • Paint correction
  • Panel wipe
  • Polish hard to reach areas
  • And more…

Out of all these steps, the most time-consuming step is the paint correction which can take several hours.

After preparing the car, the ceramic coating must be applied which also takes a few hours.

This is also why the size of the car matters as a bigger car will take more time to detail and apply the ceramic coating.

In total, preparing and applying a ceramic coating may take 20-30 hours.

Depending on the labor rate of the detailer the cost will vary but will generally be around $1500 to $3000.

The materials have also to be accounted for which adds to the final quote even further, about $300 to $500.

If you are planning to coat your car, it would be best to ask for a quote to get a better cost estimation.

Keep in mind that it is much easier to estimate the cost if you take the car personally to the detailer, instead of getting an estimation through the phone or e-mail.

Cheaper Alternative

If you are handy with car detailing, you may apply the ceramic coating yourself.

This should only apply to people that are familiar with polishing, paint correcting, and other types of detailing.

It should also be noted that many manufacturers sell DIY kits that come with their ceramic coating.

Unfortunately, often, the ceramic coating that comes in these kits is usually much worse than professional ceramic coating.

If you are capable of apply ceramic coating yourself, you can potentially save thousands of dollars, but many hours must be committed.

Advantages Of Ceramic Coating

automobile ceramic coating

Many people do not even consider applying a ceramic coating to their car due to the cost.

While the cost is an important factor, the effectiveness and the advantages of a ceramic coating should also be considered.

A ceramic coating will protect your car’s paintwork. This includes protection against UV light, oxidation, rust, scratches, and more.

While this does not make your car invincible, it does minimize the risk substantially.

This rhymes a lot with the advantages of wax and car sealants, however, ceramic coating will offer greater protection for a longer time.

If you maintain the paintwork and the coating, it may last for about 3 years.

It is worth mentioning that many ceramic coating manufacturers claim that their ceramic coating lasts for ten years or even the lifetime of the car.

While it may be true that the coating is present on the car, its effectiveness will deteriorate within a few years, providing little to no protection.

Maintain The Ceramic Coating

car ceramic coating

When applying ceramic coating, maintaining a fresh and glossy finish becomes much easier as dirt and debris come off easily when washing a ceramically coated car.

For the ceramic coating to last several years, it is important to maintain the car and the coating properly.

The best thing you can do is to wash your car in regular intervals and do so properly.

When washing a ceramic coated car, it is important to use a pH-neutral shampoo and stick to good ol’ hand washing.

That means that you should under no circumstances take your car to an automated car wash, which may damage the ceramic coating and the paintwork in the worst case.

Many manufacturers that make ceramic coating also produce (or at least recommend) booster sprays that will increase the durability and longevity of the coating.

Using these sprays is a good idea, just make sure to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer as some formulas may damage some coatings.


auto ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is an effective but expensive way to add an extra layer of protection to the paintwork.

It will make your car easier to maintain as dirt and debris can be easily removed by washing the car.

Additionally, the ceramic coating will protect your car from UV light, small scratches, rust and at the same time give a nice finish to it.

While it may seem very expensive, with the right maintenance, it can be more valuable compared to wax and sealant in the long run as the ceramic coating can last for years.

The greatest cost is due to the labor-intensive work that must be done, which in the end can cost $3000.

If you are comfortable with car detailing, you would be able to apply ceramic coating yourself and save a few thousand dollars.

The cost and the time it takes to apply ceramic coating depends on several factors which include the size of your car, the state of the paintwork, and the quality of the ceramic coating.

To make the ceramic coating last longer it is important to maintain it by following a few simple steps, these include regular car washing with neutral pH and applying booster sprays.

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