What Is Ceramic Coating And Is It Worth It?

Ceramic coating protects and makes your car shine. What is ceramic coating and is it worth it for you? Should you ceramic coat a new car? Here's a guide.

There are many ways to protect and make your car have a pristine shine.

One of the ways includes applying a ceramic coat to the paintwork.

It provides superior protection compared to wax and car sealant, but it also comes with a great expense.

What is ceramic coating exactly and is it worth paying more for it?

This is a question that regularly comes up, but the answer always differs depending on who you ask.

Everything you need to know about ceramic coating will be covered in this article so you can make an informed decision whether a ceramic coat is worth it for you and your car.

Let’s get into it!

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What Is Ceramic Coating

automobile ceramic coating

The first thing that should be cleared up is what ceramic coating exactly is.

Ceramic coating, also called Nano-Ceramic Coating is typically composed of silicon- or titanium dioxide. These, and other chemicals make up for the formula of the coating.

Together, these provide a water-repellant, UV resistant, and protective film that binds to the paint of your car.

Many times, ceramic coating is compared to car wax, but truth be told, ceramic coating can be seen as car wax on steroids (and lots of it).

The chemical bonding a ceramic coating consists of, adheres much better to the paintwork than car wax and sealants. Hence the exceptional protection.

While a good carnauba wax will offer a slightly better shine than ceramic coating, in all other aspects, ceramic coating is the superior choice.

Advantages Of Ceramic Coating

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With a hefty price tag, it is of no surprise that ceramic coating comes with many advantages compared to other options such as car wax and sealants.

Below are a few advantages of ceramic coating compared to other conventional paintwork protectors.

Great Protective Properties

The protective property of a ceramic coating is a common reason why people choose this option.

Every car is affected by environmental forces that eventually will damage the paintwork.

This includes dirt, dust, acidic rain, salt, oxidation, and much more.

A ceramic coating will provide a long-lasting physical barrier, fully protecting the paintwork and increasing the longevity of the car.

Easier Maintenance

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Not only do the protective characteristics help with the protection of the paintwork, but it also makes it much easier to wash and maintain the car.

As dirt gets on the hydrophobic surface of the ceramic coating, a simple car wash will make the car as good as new.

This means that you do not have to apply extra chemicals that improve the finish of the car, such as car wax or sealant.

Washing your car regularly is still important and will increase the effectiveness of the ceramic coating.

There are also SiO2 sprays that are recommended to use, as it boosts the ceramic layer. It will extend the life of the coat for a few months.


Who in the right mind would say that spending a few thousand dollars is economical?

Well, the truth is that it depends on the individual as well on the car.

We will touch upon this further down in the article, but to give it a short preview, there are many times a ceramic coat will be more economical in the long run.

For example, due to the easier maintenance, you will not need to spend more time (and/or money) washing your car.

As ceramic coating provides better protection than wax or car sealant, they are also a popular choice for vintage car owners.

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Should You Ceramic Coat A New Car?

ceramic coating

A brand-new car has a good amount of paint protection and the paintwork itself is in a pristine condition.

One of the biggest costs affiliated with ceramic coating is the paint correction that must be done before.

A brand-new car has not been susceptible to the harsh environment as much as older cars which means that less work, and hence money, is needed for coating a brand-new car.

This also means that the new car feeling will stay the same for a very long time even after using the car daily.

Just like any type of car, the value will be better preserved with a ceramic coating that protects the paintwork magnificently.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

How Much Does A Ceramic Coating Cost

The million-dollar or at least the thousand-dollar question still stands – Is it worth to ceramic coat a car?

The short answer is… it depends.

A ceramic coat will make your car look amazing and provide great protection against the many dangers of the environment.

The answer comes down to if you would rather wax or apply a car sealant every few weeks or months.

Many car enthusiasts love tinkering with their car on the weekends and “waxing on and off” becomes a form of therapy and relaxation.

If you do not belong to that group of people but still care about your car, ceramic coating is perfect for you.

In that case, you will have superior protection for a much longer period, and in the long run, less money will be spent if the time and money spent on wax are taken into consideration.

While a carnauba wax will offer the best type of wet-look finish, a lot of effort must be put into it. 

At the same time, if you own an old car whose days are numbered and costs less than a ceramic coating, in most cases, it would not be worth to coating it.

Many will see ceramic coating as an expensive addition to the car, while it is true that a few thousand dollars are a lot, in the long run, it may be more cost-efficient.

A ceramic coating will provide protection for a few years and will make the maintenance much easier throughout that time.

In other words, getting the dirt off the car is easier, new wax does not have to be applied every few weeks, but the car still has its shine and protection.

To summarize, you will have great protection against the many dangers of the environment, save money and time by not needing to wax or apply car sealant.

Still, it is a hefty price to pay at once, which may scare many consumers.

In the end, it is you as the owner that decides if it is worth to protecting the paintwork, with the long-term cost as well as the value of the car taken into consideration.

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