What Does Range Mean In A Car?

What Does Range Mean In A Car

What exactly does range mean in a gasoline car, electric car, or hybrid car? What affects driving range? Here’s the ultimate guide.

How To Track A Car Using Your Phone

Man driving car with smart phone for online map and GPS application

Forgot where you left your car or was it stolen? Your phone can now track its location with the help of an app! Find out how here.

Auto Repair Labor Rate Per Hour

Auto Repair Labor Rate Per Hour

What is the average auto repair labor rate per hour in the United States? Here’s the ultimate guide so you know exactly how much you can expect to pay.

Most Common Car Complaints

most common car complaints

Here are the most common car complaints, their underlying car issues, and how you can tackle the issues when you encounter them.

What Does XLT Mean On A Ford Truck?

What Does XLT Mean On Ford Trucks

What does XLT stand for on Ford trucks? Here’s the ultimate guide to Ford XLT trucks and the difference between Ford XL trucks.

How To Gift A Car Properly In The United States

car with huge ribbon

Gifting a car to a family member or a friend in the United States entails some legal and financial obligations. Here is the process of settling them.

Can You Tow An Automatic Car?

Can You Tow An Automatic Car

Is it possible to tow an automatic car? How do you tow an automatic car and what should you do? Here’s a full guide.

Car Headliner Repair Cost

Car Headliner Repair Cost

How much does it cost to repair your car headliner? Of course, it depends on the type of car that you have and the material used, but there are some rules.

Where Are Subarus Made?

Where Are Subarus Made

Where exactly are Subarus made these days? Are they made in USA or Japan? Here’s the ultimate guide to Subaru’s manufacturing plants.