Headlight Cover Replacement Cost

Are your headlights covers turning bad? In this article, you will find everything you need to know about headlight cover replacement.

Many things can go wrong with car components and headlight covers are no exception. Among hundreds of reliable car articles on Autochimps, headlight covers deserve a spot for themselves.

We will go through everything regarding headlight cover replacement, including the cost and advantages of having headlight covers.

Let’s get into it!

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Headlight Cover?

Mercedes Benz headlight covers

Typically, a headlight cover will cost anywhere around $150 to $300 per headlight pair.

You could also save a few dollars by installing the headlight covers yourself, but make sure you are comfortable with the whole installation process.

The price mostly depends on the shape, size, and design of the headlight as well as the labor rate.

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Advantages Installing Headlight Covers

AWD car

Many install headlight covers with a tint as they believe it looks better, but there are also objective reasons why headlights covers are good.

Mainly, they protect the headlights from scuffs that can easily be acquired, especially while cruising down the freeway.

Any bugs or debris are generally also easier to clean if you have headlight covers.

Besides, just like proper car wrap will protect your car’s paintwork, so will a headlight cover protect and increase the longevity of the headlight.

Are Headlight Covers Legal?

car headlights

Many opt for tinted headlight covers which may be considered illegal in some states.

As of now, no federal laws are regulating the legality of tinted headlight covers, however, most states specify how far the light should project.

Some have a complete ban on headlight covers, while other states define that the headlights can only be white (some also allow for amber lights).


cleaning and polishing car headlights

Headlight covers protect against scuffs and debris that can easily occur especially when driving on the freeway.

Many people opt for headlight cover due to aesthetic reasons as well.

The replacement cost of headlight covers is around $150 to $300, but the price depends largely on the car model as well as the professional shop.

If you have some experience in wrapping or applying tints, doing it yourself can be a viable option as you will save a few bucks.

There are no federal laws that consider headlight covers specifically, but many states have rules and regulations regarding the color of the headlights as well as the visibility.

Therefore, you should always check if it is legal to use headcovers in your state

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