Most Reliable Car Brands (2023 Rankings)

If you're buying a car, you should buy one from a reliable car brand. Here's the most up-to-date list of the most reliable car brands according to people.

Car prices are higher than ever, forcing shoppers to lower their expectations or raise their budgets. Instead of new, many are settling for used models, often with higher mileage.

Thankfully, vehicles are also more reliable than ever, though some brands fare better than others.

What are the most reliable car brands in 2024?

After surveying our huge audience over several years, we compiled the below list of non-luxury car brands, ranked by reliability:

  1. Toyota
  2. Kia
  3. Hyundai
  4. Honda
  5. Chevrolet
  6. Ford
  7. Mazda
  8. Nissan
  9. Jeep
  10. Volkswagen

This guide examines these trustworthy car brands in depth, discussing their probability of requiring an unexpected repair, yearly expenses for maintenance, and other aspects.

Here’s the most accurate list of the most reliable car brands in 2024.

Toyota is one of the most reliable car manufacturers for 2022, if not the most reliable. Yes, Toyota’s powertrains are dull compared to rivals, and technology is a few years behind. However, this “keep it simple” mentality has also kept problems to a minimum.

A recent report by iSeeCars shows that 2.3% of Toyotas reach 200,000 miles or more, nearly twice the average of all vehicles. J.D. Power also ranks Toyota as one of the most dependable car brands, at just 158 problems per 100 vehicles vs. the industry average of 192.

As for repair costs, frequency, and severity, RepairPal ranks Toyota eighth out of 32 brands. The site shows annual maintenance costs run just around $450, which is around $200 less than the average. Moreover, repair frequency and severity are also well below that of most automakers.

Korea’s oldest vehicle manufacturer, Kia, is also one of the best car brands for reliability in 2022. At just 145 problems per 100 vehicles, Kia is #1 on J.D Power’s 2022 dependability report, two slots higher than the year before. This is even more impressive when considering Kia’s “budget” reputation.

Reaching 200,000 miles in a Kia isn’t as likely as in a Toyota or Honda. But you will get one of the best warranties in the industry: 10 years/100,000 miles of powertrain coverage and five years/100,000 of bumper-to-bumper. Kia warranties are also transferable, meaning subsequent owners receive coverage too.

Maintaining a Kia is also less costly than most brands, with RepairPal even ranking the automaker above frontrunner Toyota. The site reveals problems are severe just 10% of the time and that owners bring their vehicles in for unscheduled repairs a mere .2 times per year.

Hyundai is Kia’s maternal company and, as such, shares many of the same platforms, powertrains, and more. In general, Hyundai aims for a marginally older audience, opting for added luxuries and elegant, flowing lines over bold or sporty. That said, Hyundai vehicles are every bit as dependable too.

Hyundai’s standard warranty is also one of the best: 10 years/100,000 miles of powertrain coverage and five years/100,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper. Coverage is fully transferable, too, which is a good thing to consider before buying an extended service contract.

Hyundai’s repair costs, frequency, and severity rank right behind Kia, in fourth place out of 32. Including maintenance costs and unscheduled repairs, owners spend just $468 per year to keep their cars running. Hyundais are also half as likely to require an unplanned shop visit vs. all car models.

Japanese automaker Honda usually ranks right behind Toyota in reliability. However, a 2020 recall affecting nearly 1.8 million units, and a sharp rise in reported problems, led to the brand falling from 8th place to 24th in J.D Power’s 2022 dependability rankings.

Still, Honda’s dependable track record solidifies the automaker as one of the top reliable car brands in 2022. In fact, the average Honda car is just .4% less likely than Toyota to reach 200,000 miles, putting the brand in second on iSeeCar’s longevity rankings.

RepairPal even labels Honda the #1 best car brand for reliability based on repair costs, frequency of unplanned shop visits, and problem severity. The site also shows Honda owners spend just $428 per year on upkeep, far lower than brands like Subaru, Volkswagen, and Volvo, which often run over $600.

The first American automaker on our list of reliable car brands, Chevrolet, is also the 10th lowest for problems per 100 vehicles. Moreover, Chevy has also built some stellar EVs, with Forbes highlighting identical overall reliability/satisfaction scores between the Bolt hatchback and the significantly pricier Tesla Model 3.

Chevrolet’s warranty may not be as enticing as that of Kia or Hyundai, but the chance of needing unscheduled repairs is just .3% above Hondas. Considering Chevy’s 4.43% lower resale value, courtesy of CarEdge, the brand looks nearly as reliable as Honda while costing much less. 

Chevy’s service costs are higher than other brands on this list, even those with lower reliability scores like Mazda and Jeep. But at $649 per year, the spread is mostly negligible. For these reasons and more, Chevrolet is a very reliable car brand for 2022.

Besides building the best-selling line of trucks for over 45 years, Ford is also one of the most dependable car brands for 2022. Newer, less-tested models, like the Mustang Mach E and Ford Lightning, lower the brand’s overall reliability but still appear off to a good start.

Ford is also among the top five brands most likely to reach 200,000 miles, just .1% below rival truck maker Chevy. The F-150 is the brand’s most reliable model, falling a mere .2% behind the Toyota Tundra for its likelihood of clocking 200,000 on the odometer.

On average, you’ll spend more servicing a Ford than any other brand on this list, roughly $775 per year. However, compared to the $858 average of Ram trucks, Fords are still a more dependable option overall.

Mazda may be closer to the bottom of our reliability list, but the brand still boasts a remarkably low number of problems per 100 vehicles. In fact, Mazda is a whole 13 ranks ahead of fellow Japanese automaker Honda, per J.D. Power’s 2022 dependability report.

Oddly enough, Mazdas are less likely to reach 200,000 miles than any other brand in this ranked guide. Although, reports from RepairPal show the automaker’s issues are severe just 10% of the time, placing the brand in fifth place out of 32 rivals for longevity. 

Besides being one of the best car brands for reliability, Mazda is also one of the least costly to service. Owners average just $462 per year maintaining their Mazda’s, a scant $21 shy of the most reliable car brand, Toyota.

Another reliable car brand that also happens to tread into “budget” territory is Nissan. J.D. Powers lists Nissan as one of the top 10 most likely brands to clock 200,000 miles. In fact, Nissan is even above luxury auto manufacturer Lexus, which shares most major components with Toyota.

Not only does the Japanese automaker rank as one of RepairPal’s top 10 most dependable brands, but annual repair costs are just $500. Unfortunately, Nissan’s problems-per-vehicle ranking is three slots below the industry average, and repairs tend to be more severe.

You may visit the shop more often, but Nissan is still one of 2022’s most reliable car brands. If you consider how close Nissan is to Toyota in certain dependability categories and the brand’s 7.66% lower projected resale value, there’s a lot of value to be had.

Few brands are as memorable as Jeep, thanks to the automaker’s characteristic seven-slot grille, hexagonal wheel wells, and legendary off-road prowess. While not the most reliable car brand, Jeep offers solid dependability considering adventurous owners’ extra wear and tear.

At 201 reported problems per 100 vehicles, Jeep sits two slots below the industry average of 192, right above Nissan and VW. Annual service costs are also below average at $634, with unplanned shop visits occurring just .27 times per year.

Overall, Jeep’s reliability is average. Jeeps reportedly reach 200,000 miles just .5% of the time, less often than fellow American brands Ford and Chevy. However, thanks to having a low five-year projected resale value, a competitive deal on a slightly used model may be worth a couple of percentage points.

Rounding out 2022’s most reliable car brands, and the only German company on the list, is Volkswagen. At 217 problems per 100 vehicles, VW ranks just below Nissan in the latest dependability ratings from J.D Powers.

RepairPal confirms VWs see more unplanned shop visits, roughly .49 times per year, which is .09 above average. Repairs are also pricier, mostly due to added import costs rather than problem severity. Still, at $676 per year in upkeep, VW does rank among the better half of the 32 reviewed brands.

Unfortunately, iSeeCars does not list Volkswagen as one of the most likely automakers to hit 200,000 miles. Reliability does appear to vary between models, with the longstanding Golf hatchback often being labeled the German brand’s most dependable vehicle.

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Even The Most Reliable Car Brands Deserve A Once Over

Any car manufacturer from the above list is likely to yield a problem-free experience. Regardless, there’s no such thing as a brand that doesn’t break.

Before buying any used vehicle, make sure you know what to look for by reviewing our detailed high-mileage car buying guide.

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