Why Do Trucks Have Spikes On Their Wheels?

Wondering what those spikes on trucks' wheels are for? Here's why trucks have spikes on their wheels, their drawbacks, and their legality.

You might have noticed the spikes that certain truck drivers attach to their big trucks, and you might have questioned the purpose of these spikes.

Well, as you can see, the spikes look intimidating, which is one of their purposes. The spikes are intended to discourage drivers from getting too close to the truck, but they are also there to protect the lug bolts.

In this simple guide, I will explain why truckers have spikes on their wheels and how they work.

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The Spikes Serve As A Warning

Spiked Wheels

The spikes on a truck’s wheels encourage drivers to maintain their distance from the semi-truck. Maintaining this distance is crucial for the safety of both the trucker and other drivers since truckers have substantial blind spots along the sides of their trucks.

If you are concerned the spikes may be dangerous if you bump them, you probably don’t need to worry. The spikes are generally made from plastic or an aluminum alloy that is unlikely to do more than scratch your car.

However, you should still keep away from the sides of semi-trucks since getting into an accident with one of these trucks can be particularly deadly. It’s best to abide by the warning these spikes give you and stay away.

Truck Tire Spikes Provide Protection

The spikes on the wheels also protect the lug nuts. Trucks drive long distances, sometimes under challenging conditions. So, the lug nuts suffer a lot of wear and tear.

The lug bolts may gather soil, rainwater, and junk, leading to rust, decay, or other injuries. However, by attaching these nails to the vehicle’s wheel edges, they are shielded from external factors.

The spikes can also help keep the lug nuts from loosening. Though a flat cover may be able to do the same job, spikes are a more common option, likely because they are more noticeable.

This means that other drivers on the road will see them keeping everyone just a little safer.

Drawbacks Of Tire Spikes

Spikes On Wheels

There are some drawbacks to wheel spikes that many truckers have recognized. This includes the potential for scratching other cars that get too close.

Also, though these spikes may serve as a warning, longer spikes can lead to a greater likelihood of scratches with other cars. They can be a distraction as well as a warning with their distinctive and often reflective appearance.

The Spikes Are Decorative

In addition to encouraging safety and protecting the lug nuts, tire spikes are decorative, Truckers spend a lot of time in their trucks, and wheel spikes are one way of personalizing their trucks.

Spiky tires let truck drivers customize their trucks without affecting any business logos.

The spikes are usually around four to five inches in length and made of aluminum alloy or occasionally plastic. However, they are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Are Tire Spikes Legal?

Tire spikes are legal. They are generally no more than four or five inches long and are made of a relatively soft material.

So they are unlikely to harm other cars. However, some companies don’t allow their drivers to put spikes on their tires because they believe they may give other drivers a poor impression of their company.

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