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Our Mission

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Auto Chimps was founded due to the huge amount of misinformation out there in the automotive industry. This is because there are not many journalists out there with extensive knowledge about cars, motorcycles, and the like so the content out there ends up being very unreliable and sometimes outright false.

We want to change that. Auto Chimps is part of a larger network where the core goal is to provide the best possible value for the user. We want to give you 100% reliable and trustworthy tips and guides.

We don’t have any ads or affiliate partnerships. All of our articles are free to read and use. If you find it good, please share it to spread the word about Auto Chimps.

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Who We Are

The team behind Auto Chimps consists of automotive veterans who have years of knowledge in the field. All of the information can be verified on the respective author’s social media profiles.

The internet is huge and you can quickly find some outdated or false information out there. We’re here to avoid that.

With our team’s extensive knowledge in the automotive industry and all the freely available tips and guides on our site, you’re 100% certain to make good decisions.

Who We Serve

We serve you, the reader! A car needs to be reliable and with all the misinformation out there, you can quickly end up in a bad situation. We breath and live everything about cars.

You can call us ‘grease chimps’, ‘gear heads’, or whatever you’d like to. We love it!

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