The Best Lumbar Support For Cars (2023 Reviews)

A lumbar support may help you with your back problems. In this buying guide, we showcase the best lumbar support for cars that you can get right now.

Back pain is a condition that millions of people struggle with every day, preventing them from accomplishing their jobs and even the simplest daily activities.

One huge misconception is that this targets older folks who do heavy lifting.

The truth is, sitting down for a prolonged period, such as when you drive for a long time, greatly contributes to back pain problems. And it affects people of all ages.

If ignored and untreated, this can get worse. In fact, Americans spend as much as $50 billion every year for medication and therapy, and more than $100 billion are lost due to decreased productivity caused by this seemingly minor problem.

Many will agree that prevention is preferable to cure. And in this regard, using a lumbar support cushion is the simplest yet most effective way to ease lower back pain.

In this guide, we have featured the best lumbar support pillows for car seats so that you can find the right one for you.

Let’s kick the list off with the first product!

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The Pros:

  • Backed by physiotherapists and chiropractorsrnQuite light and portablernFairly priced

The Cons:

  • Slightly thick at almost 5 inches, this pushes users a bit too forward on the car seat – especially small vehicles

This orthopedic pillow by ComfiLife is a great office chair and car seat accessory for those who suffer from lower back pain.

This thick lumbar pillow is made from durable, firm, and dense memory foam and measures 15 x 12.5 inches, following the shape of the user’s lower back to maintain the inward curvature of the spine.

The foam is covered in a breathable mesh material that prevents the back from getting sweaty.

It is fitted with two elastic straps at the back to position it perfectly at the right height from the base of the seat.

This lumbar pillow also has a removable cover that can be washed and two extension straps to fit bulkier car seats.

The portable ComfiLife orthopedic cushion comes in two colors, black and grey, which could be a suitable fit for most car interiors.

Do take note that the foam’s consistency changes depending on the temperature around you. On hot days, the pillow softens. On cold nights, it stiffens up. This lumbar support pillow should be used at room temperature to ensure optimal performance for the best support possible.

Recommended by numerous chiropractors for lumbar support, this pillow is an outstanding choice for those who spend a lot of time sitting down or those who simply want to enhance their posture.

The Pros:

  • Multi-targeted relief, covering a wider part of the backrnDesigned by physical therapistsrnProprietary HYPERFOAM doesn’t go soft during usernIdeal for taller people

The Cons:

  • Slightly more expensive than other options

When it comes to ergonomic designs, Cushion Lab is beneficial for those who want more than just relief for the lumbar (lower back) region because its contoured pillow targets several areas of the back.

The pillow is uniquely shaped and ergonomically designed for the anatomy of the spine. The middle section is curved inwards to match the spine’s curvature. The sides of the base and the cones on top are rounded to cushion the muscles bordering the spine, as these often get strained during long periods of sitting down.

Here’s another good feature:

Cushion Lab’s lumbar support pillow is slightly bigger than other brands, measuring 16×16 inches, which means it goes all the way up to the mid-back region. Taller people might benefit from this and find it a better choice.

Cushion Lab has formulated its very own memory foam called HYPERFOAM. This molds to the specific shape of the current user’s back, but it also rebounds to the original shape, so others can use it.

This lumbar pillow is also equipped with adjustable elastic straps so it can be tied around your car seat, plane recliner, or office chair.

It comes with a breathable cover that can be removed for easy washing. On top of that, this lumbar support pillow is available in three colors: black, grey, and red.

Many consider this to be one of the most effective lumbar support for cars, which is no surprise since it is designed by physical therapists.

The Pros:

  • Easy to transportrnQuick to fasten, thanks to the one-clip beltrnMade by Samsonite, a well-respected company in the industry

The Cons:

  • The strap is too short and won’t fit around bulkier car seats

Samsonite, the famous luggage manufacturer, has designed a lumbar support pillow to cover all the travel accessories people might need for a comfortable trip.

Measuring at 14.5 x 13.5 inches, this pillow offers excellent lumbar support thanks to its size and design, which features a hollow in the middle to follow the back’s curvature.

The high-grade foam material is firm enough to support the spine and nearby muscles and soft enough to cushion the back comfortably.

Despite its simplicity, this lumbar support pillow provides instant relief from backaches, especially while you’re sitting for hours during a drive or plane ride.

There is one complaint about this Samsonite lumbar support pillow.

The single strap sewn at the back of the pillow is relatively short, meaning that it won’t fit in bulkier car seats. Some have also said that this seems flimsy and looks like it could snap off if pulled too tight.

Overall, the Samsonite lumbar support cushion is a pretty good pillow that works quite well for those who can overlook that slight hitch.

It is especially great for those who need lumbar support on the go due to its travel-friendly size and weight.

The Pros:

  • Very affordable considering its size and coverage rnNo readjustment required because of its heightrnHas an excellent warranty policy

The Cons:

  • Hard to transport because of its size and weightrnThe straps may be too short for bulkier car seats

This Qutool Support Pillow, although made for lumbar support, is nothing like the ones previously mentioned.


Because it also targets the upper regions of the spine, particularly the thoracic (mid-back) part.

This lumbar support pillow is longer and wider at 17 x 16 inches, covering a considerable part of the upper back.

Thanks to the thick convex-shaped base, it follows the spine’s natural curvature, cushioning the muscles in the lower back towards the sacrum and the tailbone. It coils inward at the inner curve of the back before slightly arching out once more to a tapered top.

The Qutool Lumbar Support Pillow is made of high-density foam that won’t go spongy with repeated use and is covered in a hypoallergenic and breathable mesh material that keeps the back cool and dry.

Finally, it has two straps – one at the base and another at the top – to be secured around the car seat properly.

Gamers and office workers often go for this lumbar pillow because of its coverage. Also, many say this is one of the best back pillows for pregnant women who suffer from lower back pains due to lordosis, an abnormal spinal curve that is natural during pregnancy.

More importantly, Qutool’s pillow is an excellent car seat accessory for those who make lengthy driving trips, like truckers, delivery guys, and cross-country travelers.

A lumbar support pillow would be a great add-on to a car seat heater, so you can benefit from spinal alignment while your muscles can relax from the warmth.

Once installed on the car seat, your spine will be comfortably aligned from the lumbar (low back) to the cervical (neck) part.


The company has an excellent replacement policy, so customers can return the pillow if they find something wrong with the zipper, cover, straps, and other components after use.

The Pros:

  • Designed specifically for car seatsrnQuite affordablernHas a good warranty policy

The Cons:

  • The pillow is a bit bulky, especially for smaller vehiclesrnThe design of the straps might not be ideal for all car seats

The previously described products in this guide can be used on an office chair, a sofa, a plane recliner, and a car seat. While that isn’t a fault, it’s not an asset either.

Dreamer Car came up with an ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow made from high-quality memory foam that is specifically designed for cars.

More importantly, this matches the contours of the driver’s back, ensuring comfort during extended travel behind the wheel.

This has a wide base measuring 16.5 inches, hollow in the middle, and curves around the hips. It is also relatively high (20.9 inches), with cushions that support the shoulder blades.

The pillow comes with two adjustable straps to stay secure at all times. Unlike other lumbar support pillows, this one has a strap that is made for going around the seat’s headrest.

Although this lumbar support has a lot of plus points, there are two problems.

At almost 6 inches thick at the base, it comes pretty bulkily.

Users mention that this isn’t a good option for smaller cars because one would have to push the car seat back to accommodate the driver comfortably.

On top of that, as mentioned above, this lumbar support pillow comes with straps specifically designed to be put around the headrest area of the car seat.

While this will accommodate most cars, it might not be the ideal solution for vehicles fitted with racing seats since it might put pressure on the seats and could potentially leave permanent marks on the material of the car seat.

For those looking for lumbar support for cars, this Dreamer Car pillow is a good choice because it was made specifically for driving, but there are some things to consider before purchasing it.

The Pros:

  • Available in multiple color optionsrnBudget-friendlyrnOffered with a lifetime replacement policy

The Cons:

  • No recommendations of use from medical practitioners

Everlasting Comfort designs different kinds of cushions like footrests, armrests, seat cushions, and bath pillows. They also focus on lumbar support pillows for car seats and office chairs.

Similar to their other support cushions, the company has kept the design for this lumbar pillow simple for one reason: it works.

This pillow measures 13×13 inches. It is hollow in the middle, following the curvature of the lower back.

The first-rate memory foam, tested and certified by OEKO-TEX, is covered in an anti-sweat cooling material.

It has two straps – one on top and another at the bottom – so it can be secured at the right height on your seat’s backrest.

One of the features most people like about the Everlasting Comfort pillow is it comes in five colors: black, grey, blue, navy, and red.

While Everlasting Comfort is known for its support cushions, some people don’t find it favorable that physical therapists do not recommend the company.

Overall, this option is slightly cheaper and a bit more stylish for cars compared to many brands on the market.

Everlasting Comfort’s lumbar pillow is a great choice for those who don’t have any lumbar-related medical conditions and would just like to be extra comfortable during their daily commute to work.

The Pros:

  • Lightweight and incredibly portablernHas two levels of firmnessrnRecommended by physical therapists

The Cons:

  • The cover’s seams and the elastic band come loose easily

Lumbar rolls have been one of the most effective ways to improve one’s sitting posture because it supports the inner curvature of the spine.

This, as a result, prevents fatigue and discomfort caused by unsupported spine, muscles, and ligaments.

And when it comes to lumbar rolls, OPTP McKenzie is a trusted name.

Their lumbar roll is made of high-quality and incredibly durable foam available in two levels of density: firm and standard. Usually, the former is used by those with severe medical conditions.

This suits many petite and taller users because it is just the right size, measuring 11 inches in length and 4.75 inches in diameter.

Like many car seat lumbar pillows, this is covered in a washable, breathable, and moisture-wicking polyester mesh, so users don’t have to worry about getting sweaty when using it.

Finally, it has an adjustable strap that can be secured at the proper position on the chair or car seat.

The best thing about it?

On top of its portability, the roll can be used for other physical and occupational therapies.

For instance, the standard density version can be used to prop up the pillow to relieve neck discomfort while sleeping. It can also be used to massage the calf and leg in case of muscle tightness.

How To Pick The Best Lumbar Support For Your Car

Lumbar Support For Cars

Even if you do not have an existing medical condition, it is essential to choose the most fitting lumbar support pillow to use in your car or your favorite chair to prevent problems with your back.

Here are some of the most salient features to take note of to find the right lumbar support for your car seat;

Quality Of The Foam

This is an essential feature to consider when buying a lumbar pillow for your car.

The memory foam must be dense to provide the support needed by the back, durable so that it can be used for a considerable amount of time, and viscoelastic so that it will rebound to its original shape when not in use.

Contour Design

The pillow must follow the natural curvature of the spine. Simple rolls may do the job, but there is a whole different comfort given by ergonomically designed versions that mold to every arch and depression of the back.


Stability is indispensable in support. This is the primary job of those adjustable or elastic straps on lumbar support for cars. If this fails, the pillow won’t work as well as it should.

Breathable Removable Cover

Foams tend to absorb a lot of moisture. This is a bad thing because moisture can cause damage in the long run.

The cover, usually made of special mesh fabric, acts as a protective barrier between the skin and the foam. Lastly, it is a good idea to choose a lumbar support pillow with a removable cover to keep it clean.


Lumbar Support For Cars Buying Guide

Can Lumbar Support Pillows Treat Existing Health Conditions?

No. Some of these implements are considered medical-grade and are recommended by a few physiotherapists to deal with specific posture problems. However, you should not rely on a lumbar support pillow to treat existing problems.

Lumbar support pillows can give excellent pain relief, but it is recommended to do strengthening exercises and similar modes of treatment for the best results for your spinal problems.

Do Physical Therapists Recommend Lumbar Support Pillows?

Some lumbar support pillows are recommended by experts in the field, while others are directly endorsed by physiotherapists. Generally speaking, it would be better to go for the latter since these have been tried and tested by experts in the field.

Do I Need To Consult With A Physician Before Using A Lumbar Support Pillow?

Yes, particularly if your lower back pain is caused by a severe health condition and requires treatment. However, you do not need a prescription if you are merely planning on using the pillow to prevent discomfort while working or driving.

How Long Can I Use A Lumbar Support Pillow For Continuously?

Some use their lumbar support pillows for cars for four hours straight, especially during a long drive.

However, getting out of the chair and stretching every 30 minutes, especially at work, is still recommended to minimize back pains.

Does Lumbar Support Pillows Come With A Replacement Or Refund Warranty?

Lumbar support pillows usually have a replacement warranty, especially if you experience factory defects. A few can be returned and refunded in case of bad quality.

We always recommend checking up on the return and warranty policies before going ahead with a purchase to return it if you later find that it is not the right pillow for you.

Conclusion – Which Is The Best Lumbar Support For Cars?

ComfiLife is the best overall because of two excellent reasons:

Healthcare professionals suggest and utilize these for their patients’ physical and job-related therapy. Furthermore, there are no restrictions to using a lower back cushion, indicating that this lower back cushion can be used without a doctor’s note.

Moreover, people deem this to be highly affordable for a medical-grade implement.

The Cushion Lab Lumbar Support Pillow is a bit costly. However, its thought-out ergonomic design that targets the upper back and not just the lumbar back makes it the premium pick of this guide.

The foam roll from OPTP McKenzie is also a great option because of its functionality, portability, and affordability.

The good news is any of these lumbar pillows will be beneficial accessories to car seats as any of these can prevent lower backaches and let you drive comfortably for a prolonged time.

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