Mercedes Key Fob Replacement Cost

There's no doubt that losing your key is frustrating. Here's a simple guide on how much a Mercedes key fob replacement costs.

Losing your car keys is one of those head-in-hands and screams-at-the-sky moments. It’s incredibly frustrating, but when in the moment, there’s nothing you can do. Most people either misplace them or discover they’ve been stolen or broken.

In this guide, I will focus on the cost of replacing your Mercedes key. It will explain reliable and cost-effective options.

The official answer is to go to Mercedes and get a new key. Read your owner’s manual: it will tell you what to do.

In reality, you can get the same key at a much lower cost straight from your local locksmith. Unless you own a brand-new car, this is likely your best (and most affordable option).

A Mercedes key fob replacement costs between $75 and $500. This depends on your specific model and trim.

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Get Keys Replaced By Your Retailer

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One possible choice is to go to your Mercedes dealer and request an additional set of keys. To accomplish this task, you will require a few necessary papers:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Identification: a driver’s license, passport, or ID card is usually what’s required

This option will set you back at least $200 or $500. Yep. Keys come with quite a hefty price tag!

Luckily there are other cheaper (but still perfectly legitimate) options.

Get Your Local Locksmith Involved

Car Key (transponder) immobilizer

A wise choice is to contact an auto locksmith in your vicinity. These days, numerous locksmiths specialize in vehicles. They can fabricate a fresh key and synchronize it with your car’s ECU.

If you still have a spare key, drive to the locksmith with your car.

When you arrive, they’ll need to see identification of some kind. You can then begin the process of getting a new key.

Expect to have a new key within a few hours. It will be encoded to match your car, so the old key – whether you lost it or it was stolen – will no longer work. It typically isn’t a long process.

A local locksmith should be much cheaper than going to a Mercedes dealership!

If you’ve lost your keys and can’t access or drive your vehicle, don’t worry! Look for an emergency auto locksmith near you. They’ll travel out to your location (wherever you are) and help you out. Exactly what they’ll do will depend on the specific circumstances.

Based on the type and age of your Mercedes, the cost at a nearby locksmith is typically around $75 to $300. Even though it’s a considerable sum, it’s generally less expensive than visiting a dealership.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mercedes Key Fob Replacement

Will My Car Insurance Cover The Cost Of A New Mercedes Key?

Your car insurance might cover the cost entirely. It’s more likely that you’ll have to pay any excess charge, and they’ll cover the rest.
If you’re willing to make a claim on your insurance, this is a fantastic way to cut costs.

Can I Order A Mercedes Key On Amazon?

What product can’t you get on Amazon? Surprisingly even car keys are available for purchase. You’ll see them for around $40 or $50 and might be tempted.
Don’t waste your money. You’ll need to take the key to a professional for coding anyway. You can save money by getting the key straight from the locksmith.
You also can’t tell exactly where a key comes from when ordering through Amazon.
In short, you’re taking more risks for the same reward. Don’t order something as important as a key through Amazon. You’ll be extremely frustrated if it falls to pieces in a couple of months!

What Should I Do Now?

A spare key is essential to ensure you aren’t locked out. It’s also a good backup to drive to a locksmith if your other key breaks or gets lost or stolen.
Head to your local locksmith or Mercedes dealer to get a key cut if you don’t have one already.
A spare key doesn’t have to be fancy. The most basic key will do. Hopefully, you shouldn’t ever need to use it – but at least you’re ready, just in case.

What’s The Best Way To Get A Good Deal For A New Mercedes Key?

In the end, every situation is different. The best way to get a low price for a new Mercedes key is to get multiple quotes.
Ring, email, or visit local Mercedes dealerships and locksmiths. When you find someone you trust who offers this service at a reasonable price, go with them.
The cost ultimately depends on how modern and expensive your Mercedes model is.

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